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With nearly 60 years of experience in the design and construction of custom interiors, Faulkner-Fain still adheres to the policy of "one job at a time." The reason - and the result - is simply quality. This extraordinary attention to the details of each individual job includes selecting only the finest of specified materials - woods, metals, synthetics - and employing only the most exacting construction methods. Because each design and building job is unique, each Faulkner-Fain customer is unique and throughout each job we are continually analyzing individual needs - present and anticipated - and exploring individual design preferences to assure your absolute satisfaction now and for years to come. It is not enough for us to design and construct exceptional quality components and destinctive interiors. Our work must serve your needs and suit your tastes as well. Creating for your enjoyment  a product in which we can take pride is really what Faulkner-Fain does best. There are no shortcuts at Faulkner-Fain. Our reputation for superior craftsmanship is too important to us. And so is the unquestionable satisfaction of our customers.  

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